ContainGo Mighty Wheels

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The wheels themselves serve two primary functions: 
  1. Landed containers can be relocated quickly and economically. Installing onto a container takes about a minute and allows the container to be moved simply by lifting one end. The wheels tension to the ground using the simplest of tools, your hands. Stop paying high costs and suffering lengthy time delays for cross-site relocations!
  2. Providing container transport operators a way to pick up and drop off containers without damage to the container or the ground surface. Instead of dragging a container off or onto a carrier, ContainGo Mighty Wheels roll the back edge of the container into position with ease and precision. 
    Mighty Wheels can be used with containers that are loaded or empty. 
    One set includes two ContainGo Mighty Wheels and two ContainGo Mighty Mount Pins that can be used for mounting the wheels as well as future products. 
    Now accepting pre-orders. Estimated lead time 16 weeks or less.